I am incredibly fortunate to work with older vineyards, with vines aged between 30 and 80 years. Particularly with our pergola system, these vines have shown remarkable resilience, especially under the extreme weather conditions we've faced in recent years.

One key advantage of these older vines is their deep roots. In our region, this means they can thrive without irrigation and rarely suffer from drought stress.

Another benefit of the pergola is the natural shading it provides for the grapes. This protection helps prevent scorching, ensuring the berries don't develop a cooked or jam-like flavour. 

Instead, this technique produces red wines with acidity, finesse, and elegance, often with more stable acidity levels.

My vineyard's flagship grape is Lagrein, which is traditionally grown around Bolzano and in Ora, where it finds ideal growing conditions. This variety has always been a local favourite and continues to be a cornerstone of our production.

Then there's Schiava, a true diva of a grape, gaining prominence for its unique characteristics. Despite being a challenging variety to cultivate, Schiava produces elegant, playful wines with a wonderful balance of tension and finesse.