The Craft

My vineyards have about 5,000 vines, a number I find pretty manageable. It might sound silly, but I believe I have a personal connection with each one of them.

Whether it's pruning or the many steps that follow – from training the shoots to managing the yield – I tend to each vine individually.

It's somewhat similar to people: a well-cared-for vine can perform better than one that's weaker; therefore, I handle yield correction on a vine-by-vine basis.

In all my work in the vineyards, I can count on the help of my family, with every task done by hand. Particularly, the pergola system we use for quality wine-growing demands extra effort since much of it cannot be done mechanically.

In the cellar, like in my vineyards, I prefer to intervene as little as possible, aiming to create wines with a strong character, unique identity, and the ability to age well.

My wines are only coarsely filtered just before bottling, and I avoid fining whenever possible.

From vine-growing to the final bottled and labelled product, every step is carried out by hand, representing true artisan craftsmanship. In other words, everything is MANUFACTURED.